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Excitement ripples through the IUB campus as the team IUB BongoMarine, from FabLab IUB built Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV), celebrates their incredible achievement: as the one and only team from Bangladesh shortlisted for the prestigious Singapore Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Challenge (SAUVC)  2024 competition in Singapore! 

With a thrilling submission showcasing their meticulously crafted AUV’s capabilities, IUB BongoMarine impressed the SAUVC committee with its tether less navigation, depth control ability, and autonomous objective execution. The video, submitted on January 4th, left viewers awestruck by the AUV’s four powerful thrusters propelling it through the depths of the IUB swimming pool, guided by precise sensor data and unwavering towards its goal. 

The journey to this remarkable moment has been shaped by unwavering dedication and groundbreaking innovation. “BongoMarine,” a name rich with meaning, pays homage to the Bay of Bengal — affectionately known as “Bongo” — which embraces our nation. This name signifies our profound connection to Bangladesh and our ambition to establish our country as a prominent player in the global Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) arena. Our team has invested countless hours in the design, construction, and testing of our AUV, driven by a collective passion for AUVs and a fervent aspiration to represent Bangladesh on the international stage. 

IUB BongoMarine is a testament to the dynamic interplay between academic guidance and professional expertise. Our progress has been shepherded by experienced supervisors: Dr. Saadia Binte Alam, Associate Professor and Head of the CSE Department; Dr. Mahady Hasan, Associate Professor, CSE Department and Dr Mohammad Faisal Uddin, Associate Professor, CSE Department. Team Director Md Hasibur Rahman, Adjunct Faculty in the CSE Department, has played a pivotal role, offering vital direction and hands-on involvement in the control system’s design and fabrication. Contributions from Noor-E Sadman (Adjunct Faculty, CSE) and Md Fayed Al Monir, Mentor in the CSE Department, have been invaluable. Meanwhile, team captains Tahfizul Hasan Zihan (strategic focus) and Rahat Hasan Shihab (technical focus) have led our team with determination and skill. 

Key contributions have also come from Hana Sultan Chowdhury, whose expertise in system integration has been critical, and Md. Jahid Hasan Rovin, whose proficiency in computer vision has ensured our AUV’s precise navigation. The unwavering commitment of Mukut Protim Memo, Md. Abdun Fattah Lam, and Md. Faizul Hussain, as integral members of the crew, has further solidified our team’s foundation. Together, we are a cohesive unit, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of AUV technology and proudly flying the flag for Bangladesh in this cutting-edge field.On January 4th, we submitted our video with unwavering confidence, knowing that it embodied the spirit of innovation and perseverance that defines IUB BongoMarine. Today, after weeks of anticipation, the official SAUVC Facebook page announced the list of shortlisted teams, and our hearts soared to see “IUB BongoMarine” mentioned as team ID BD75, proudly displayed among the top chosen fews. 

This recognition is a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of our team. It speaks volumes about the potential of Bangladeshi talent in the field of robotics and underwater technology. We are incredibly grateful to the SAUVC committee for recognizing our efforts and granting us the opportunity to compete alongside some of the world’s brightest minds. 

As the countdown to SAUVC begins, we at IUB BongoMarine are buzzing with excitement. We’re ready to dive into the depths of competition, showcase our Bangladeshi spirit, and push the boundaries of AUV technology. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue our journey and join us in cheering for IUB BongoMarine on the international stage! 

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