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FAB Lab IUB is a sub project of HEQEP, a project under the University grants Commission of Bangladesh. Our goal is to provide fabrication equipment to individuals or Organizations in order to facilitate learning of practical, industry relevant skills. We also hope to bridge the gap between local innovators and makers and create a rich and diverse maker community who can deliver impactful solution to local problems.

A Fab Lab is supposed to be a platform for learning, a place to discover, invent and mentor. To be a Fab Lab is to be a part of an ever expanding network of makers, artists, designers, researchers and entrepreneurs. We hope to be exactly that and also provide all fabrication facilities to make almost anything, starting from rapid prototypes to industrial solutions.

Our Facilities

Workshop & Training

We provides training and workshop for designing, processing and developing prototypes or real products. Workshop & training starts from hand tools to large machineries.

Tools & Machineries

To design and process wood, acrylic, metal, PVC etc. we provide required hand tools and power tools that covers cutting, polishing, sizing and processing.


To make prototype precisely, here we provides our expert consultancy with tools and machine supports. Come, build, share your ideas with others and learn from the other members.

Arts & Designs

The lab is also providing facilities for creative artist or designer. Draw, create and give your imagination a visual life. Use our high configured software, machines and other corresponding tools for that.

What We Offer

For Education & Development

We have open floor for Universities and Schools. Various training and workshops conducted by our expert trainer will be an advanced step for students, teachers as well as for the researchers to go ahead and to add more institutional development.

For Makers & Researchers

An open access to our high configured machines along with all tools and electronics equipment is the fastest possible way for makers or researchers to get their expected outputs. You will be facilitated by our digital fabrication machine to simple cutting or polishing tools. This is the most promising lab for design, develop, test and implement yours ideas and to bring out national and international publications on your findings.

For Business & Entrepreneurs

Joint ventures of educational institute and industries or entrepreneurs can many things together that will be an enhanced step for socio-economic developments. We, the Fab Lab IUB provides this opportunity for both entities for collaboration. This partnership will consists of: prototyping facilities, training and workshops for both students and employees, industrial visits, developing products, troubleshooting, fabricating etc. Consultancy with proper guideline by our expert committees to develop product is the advantage of working together in this lab.

Management Committee

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