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Figure: Buck Converter with Display

  • Stably output, voltage conversion efficiency is up to 96%. The continuous and adjustable output range is 1.25-36 V. Please note that the input voltage should be higher than the output voltage at least 1.5 v.
  • The digital can be turn on or off, to show input or output voltage. With advanced voltage microprocessor, self-calibration, the voltmeter error is ¡À 0.05 v, ranges 0-40 v.
  • High output, output current is up to 5A, and output power is up to 75W. Simple regulating operation, rotate the screw of potentiometer clockwise or counterclockwise to boost or reduce voltage.
  • With the function of reverse voltage protection and short-circuit protection, and power light, make the usage more safely.
  • The matched heat sink and copper cylinder make the usage more conveniently, safely and stably.


Length: 66mm

Width: 39mm

Height: 18mm

Weight: 28g

Input: 4.0-38v

Output: 1.25-36v

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