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Are you searching for a place to start up with your dream project? Are you searching for a place for full technical support? Do you want to enhance your skills? Good News for everyone!

FabLab Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) is open now for all! You have the space to pitch your idea and work on the project with expert advice; that too for free! FabLab IUB will provide all kinds of equipment support! Students from any institution are welcome to join our FabLab IUB community. Please help us grow by signing up!

It’s open for all, and no membership charge is needed.

FabLab IUB is recognized to be one the global matrix for advanced digital fabrication laboratories, which withstands with a goal for invention by providing access to equipment and operational, educational, technical, financial, and logistical assistance to aid in the creative process. From being a distributed research laboratory for digitizing fabrication to inventing the next generation of manufacturing and personal fabrication, FabLab IUB avails all the events needed to accomplish the goal. FabLab IUB is a small-scale work studio, open for all. It is an opportunity for students to join as a community to get encouraged to share their ideas, design, and creativity and execute almost any experiment with required technical supports.

If you are a makes, hobbyist, students, companies, join with us.

We have an open floor for Universities and Schools. Our expert trainer’s various training and workshops will be an advanced step for students, teachers, and researchers to add more institutional development.

Joint ventures of educational institutes and industries or entrepreneurs can do many things to be an enhanced step for socio-economic developments. We, the Fab Lab IUB, provides this opportunity for both entities to collaborate. This partnership will consist of: prototyping facilities, training, and workshops for both students and employees, industrial visits, developing products, troubleshooting, fabricating, etc. Consultancy with the proper guidelines by our expert committees to develop products is the advantage of working together in this Lab.

FabLab IUB is open access to our high configured machines along with all tools and electronics equipment is the fastest possible way for makers or researchers to get their expected outputs. Our digital fabrication machine will facilitate you to simple cutting or polishing tools. This is the most promising Lab for design, development, test and implements your ideas, and bringing out national and international publications on your findings.

This Lab shall be a university-wide facility to provide fabrication facilities required to manufacture and deploy potential devices/products that directly impact local infrastructure. The Lab aims to promote local innovations and provide proper fabrication facilities to meet industry standards. The Lab provides a proper multidisciplinary work environment where engineers and makers can collaborate with students and makers to make working products that local businesses can market. The Lab will provide necessary training to increase maker literacy among Lab users and outreach programs to inspire school/college students. The Lab will share ideas and collaborate with approximately 1000 Fab labs located in more than 78 countries.

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