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Dr. Mahady Hasan

Dr. Mahady Hasan


Dr. Mahady Hasan, an esteemed leader in academia and innovation, is an Associate Professor at Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB), in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. He has served as the department head for six years and intermittently as the dean. Internationally, he has worked on the EU’s educational software development project, JICA’s Energy Efficiency & Conservation Promotion Financing Project, and served the World Bank’s Higher Education Quality Enhancement Project (HEQEP) as a sub-project manager. Currently, he is the executive director of the Arrows program at IUB. As the Director of Fab Lab IUB, he fosters a learning environment that blends academic rigor with practical innovation. His expertise in software production economics and productivity is significant, especially as he coordinates Bangladesh’s first MSc program in software engineering. He also serves as the Director of Automation, IUB.

Other Affiliations:

Associate Professor


Department of CSE
Independent University Bangladesh

Executive Director

Arrows Program

Independent University, Bangladesh

Director, Automation

Independent University, Bangladesh


Energy Efficiency & Conservation Promotion Financing Project

Fab Lab Sub Project Manager

Fab Lab IU Bangladesh

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