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In a thrilling conclusion to the TechnoXian Bangladesh National Championship, Team AFK Interceptor, a spirited squad from the Fablab community, clinched the RoboSoccer championship title. Under the adept leadership of team captain Sheikh Saif Simran, and featuring key players like first striker Samiul Haque and second striker Shuvro Sourav Sarker, the team showcased their exceptional skills and teamwork, leading to a decisive 10:1 victory against Club BUBT Kaktarua in the final.

The team’s roster, including pivotal members MD Rayhan Hossain, Fatin Tabib, Siam Tahsin Bhuiyan, Rahat Al Mamun, and Mohammad Yamin, demonstrated unparalleled dedication and synergy, pivotal to their success in the tournament. Their collective effort and strategic prowess were evident throughout the competition, culminating in their remarkable win.

This year’s TechnoXian Bangladesh National Championship, organized by the Bangladesh Open Source Network and the International Federation of eSports (IFeS), featured a variety of competitive categories like Fastest Line Follower, Robo Race, Robo Soccer, Innovation, Robo War, Water Rocket, Drone Rescue, Business Case Competition, and Ad Making Challenge. The event boasted the largest arenas ever for gameplay and offered a substantial prize pool of 600,000 Bangladeshi Taka.

The Fablab team’s victory not only brought them national acclaim and a significant share of the prize money but also earned them a coveted spot in the TechnoXian World Cup 2024, set to take place at IIT Mumbai, India. This global event will gather teams and clubs from around the world, allowing AFK Interceptor to compete on an international stage and showcase their robotic prowess.

The support from the entire Fablab community was overwhelmingly positive, providing the emotional fuel that helped drive Team AFK Interceptor to success. As they prepare for their journey to the TechnoXian World Cup 2024, their story continues to inspire and exemplify the power of collaboration, innovation, and technical expertise in the field of robotics.#TeamAFKInterceptor #DreamBig

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