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Description: The DC/DC buck module applications the input voltage is higher than the output voltage of the buck field, such as battery, power transformer, DIY adjustable regulated power supply, 24V Vehicle notebook power supply, industrial equipment buck.12V buck to 3.3V, 12V buck to 5V, 24V buck to 5V,24V buck to 12V, 36V buck to 24V etc.

Figure: Buck converter


Module highlights: 5A high power, high efficiency and low ripple with power indicator

Module Properties: non-isolated buck module (BUCK)

Input voltage: 8-36V (input please try not to exceed 38V)

Output voltage: 1.25-32V continuously adjustable

Output Current: 0-5A

Output Power: 75W

Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees

Operating frequency: 180KHz

Conversion efficiency: up to 96%

Load regulation: S (I) ≤0.8% (input 24V, output 12V, load varies from 1 ~ 4.5A measured)

Voltage Regulation: S (u) ≤0.8% (output 12V, when 4A, when 18 ~ 32V voltage change from the measured)

Power Indicator: Yes

Short circuit protection: Yes (limit current 8A)

Overtemperature protection: (automatically shut off the output after overtemperature)

Input reverse polarity protection: No, (if necessary, please enter the string into the high current diode)

Installation: two 3mm screws

Connection: Welding, V-IN is the input, V-OUT is the output

Module dimensions: 54 x 23 x 15mm (L x W x H)

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