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Description: This is for people who just want to get cold fast. The 12V Peltier module is mounted onto a 12V heatsink and fan assembly with thermal paste and an aluminum clamp. Simply connect to 12V 5A+ power supply and you will see frost appear on the aluminum plate within a minute. This assembly comes with the best Peltier we could get, so it can get even colder than the stand-alone module we stock, but we think the price is worth it. Just sitting on our desk it got down to -3.6°C, nice and frosty!


  • The Peltier Module is 40mm x 40mm / 1.6″ x 1.6″
  • The aluminum plate is 40mm x 60mm / 1.6″ x 2.4″
  • The heat-sink is 90mm x 90mm / 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • The whole assembly is approximately 78mm / 3.1″ tall
  • Wire Length: 280mm / 11″
  • Weight: 455g
  • Wattage: 60W nominal (12V * 5A), 72W max
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